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Langate is renowned for the promptness of its actions and communication. We have three main areas of operation: development, training and support. Our developers focus on developing creative solutions that are in line with the latest technologies. Langate's technical trainers are highly skilled in most areas, with high levels of educational ability. Finally, the IT technicians who provide our support have great experience of answering our customers and addressing their issues as quickly as possible.

Langate is a Swedish company that provides its customers with customised and cost effective IT solutions. We are headquartered in Solvesborg, but also have offices in Kalmar and Malmo. The one thing Langate's customers have in common is their uniqueness. Our customers work in a broad range of different industries, and are in different phases of development - from start-ups to conglomerates. They all demand very high levels of security and reliability.

How would you like your IT support to be organised?

We are your invisible IT department. When we help you, we do it in the background or from a distance. There are no surcharges or hidden fees in our agreements. Our support agreement has a fixed low price of SEK 99 SEK month. If costs arise which are not included in the agreement, we will report them in good time.

As a customer of Langate, you always have access to our knowledge and long experience. We offer assistance in the acquisition and installation of hardware, and we can train your employees on different IT solutions. Good support is not just about finding errors, but also about finding the correct one. After solving major issues, Langate shows its true strength: after an analysis, we provide suggestions on how to rationalise operations and reduce costs.


At your service


Every part of your company is dependent upon IT, and if you want to keep up with your competitors, you need the right tools. CRM (customer relationship management) is one such universal tool. A customised CRM system provides complete control of all customer-related information, such as orders, agreements, cases, marketing, new business opportunities and more. The service you provide to your customers is made faster and more accurate because all of the information is complied in one place. Langate builds CRM systems for all company sizes and industries. This is a tool that improves the satisfaction levels of both your customers and employees.

Digital solutions

Langate provides help when a company needs to improve its IT capability. We are always guided by the requirements of a company’s operations and propose solutions specifically customised for the company. This may involve the development of specific software for a particular requirement, or the modification of an existing system that no longer meets requirements. We can connect different systems to increase their usability and usefulness. For example, great benefit can be derived from digitising and automating a manual business process. It may also involve greater integration of the internet into the business. With the benefit of our knowledge and experience, you can make major changes.

Visualisation and business intelligence

IT is about processing information in the best possible manner. Visualisation and business intelligence allow you to easily draw conclusions based on complex data, build flows in which computer systems comply with business processes or which provide your customers a better experience. Efficiency is increased and error sources are decreased. Langate connects different data sources, allowing information to be presented simply and easily understood. When all of your information is readily available, it is no longer difficult to make the right decision, even in acute situations. The connected world of today makes large amounts of real-time data available. There are many applications:

  • Decision-making support
  • Ability to act on the basis of trends and deviations
  • Predicting business opportunities
  • Effective processes
  • Create strategies based on data
  • Support strategies

Management and consultation

Langate is not just a team of skilled technicians. We are also very skilful at project and change management for IT. Building and installing a new system requires ideas, concept development and careful planning, before moving on to system design, technology development, implementation, testing, and finally commissioning. We provide the best support, advice and consultation for even the smallest projects. We never forget, for even a moment, that IT is primarily about people.

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