How to keep up with changes in Azure and Office 365

We are many who needs to keep up with all the rapid changes in Microsoft Cloud Services. As a trainer for Microsoft this becomes a new layer of complexity for my students. Lab instructions are not updated, the user interface is changing and even a feature is suddenly deprecated, moved or obsolete!

Today I made a Powerpoint, for Addskills/Cornerstone so we trainers can explain how you as an administrator in Azure or Office 365 can keep up with the changes.

Here are some of the resources in this presentation:
As Azure continues to grow, Microsoft wants to keep you informed—so that they can plan for the future together with you as an administrator. Azure roadmap is the place to find out what’s new and what’s coming next. Microsoft want us to give them our thoughts and feedback. You can also subscribe to notifications, so you’ll always be the in the know.


Here are some other important links regarding Azure!


An Example: In April 2018  64 Updates was released in Azure!

Stay on top of Office 365 changes - Office 365 Roadmap

With Office 365, you receive new product updates and features as they become available instead of scheduled updates that are months or years apart. As a result, you and your users will routinely experience new and improved ways to do your job rather than a costly and time-consuming company-wide upgrade. The challenge with such a model is keeping up with the changes and updates.

Office 365 Message Center, Office 365 Roadmap and of course the Change Management Survival Guide are great resources for us to keep up with the changes:

• Office 365 Message Center
• Office 365 Change Management Survival Guide
• Office 365 Roadmap

Here is a picture from the Office 365 Roadmap:


You can easily filter in both Azure Roadmap  and Office 365 Roadmap to view the areas you are interested in.

Happy Changes!
Jörgen Hjärtenflo
Trainer for Microsoft and IT Architect at Langate System AB